Professional Quality Printing at Incredibly Low Prices

At Printcraft Printing, we offer high-quality, low-cost full color, one color and two color printing to our clients. We know the process and materials that best fits your job as far as price, quality, quantity and turn-around time. So whether you need 250 pieces or 25,000 pieces, whether you need your project in two days or in two weeks, we are dedicated to fullfilling your printing needs.

CMYK Colors vs. RGB Colors

Full color (CMYK) printing allows files to contain an unlimited number of colors using the CMYK color spectrum. CMYK process colors differ from RGB colors, which are colors displayed on computer screens (including web graphics). RGB colors can be converted to CMYK, however there will be a noticeable color shift in most cases.

Full Color Printing (CMYK Process or Offset Printing) vs. Digital Printing/Copies

Commercial printing, also known as full color (C-M-Y-K) printing, provides accurate, detailed, brilliant reproduction of your originals at a low cost per piece. CMYK printing produces much higher quality printing and allows for much more customized printing (size, paper stock, folds) than inkjet printers, color photocopiers, or digital printing offered at local quick-print shop (such as Kinko’s). At quantities of 500 or more, standard turn-around CMYK process printing will also cost much less per piece than digital printing. However, digital printing is a quicker process. While standard turn-around time for digital printing is typically between one to three days, standard turn-around time for CMYK process printing is typically between 5 to 10 days.

Full Color Printing (CMYK Process) vs. One or Two Color Printing (Pantone, PMS, or Spot Ink Colors)

CMYK printing allows for a wide variety of colors. Since the set-up for each CMYK process job is calibrated independently, there is often a slight color shift from the original printing to reprints of the same piece. Color matching cannot be guaranteed with CMYK printing. Printing with Pantone (PMS) colors can produce more accurate results when matching colors on printed pieces is required. Pantone colors are typically used as spot colors on pieces printed in one or two colors, but they can also be added to custom CMYK jobs. While one and two color printing is typically significantly less expensive than full color printing, Pantone colors do incurr additional charges. Printers typically have a selection of standard colors available for use in one and two color jobs when color accuracy is not an issue. Files for one and two color pieces and files that use spot colors must be properly set-up so that the printers can separate the colors correctly. The process for setting up print ready files differs depending on the colors used.