Brochure Design

The brochure is an effective marketing tool for communicating a company’s products, services and benefits in a compact, comprehensive and tangible way. Brochures are useful for distributing at meetings, placing in displays, and as direct mail pieces.

Brochure Graphic Design and Printing Process

The first step in developing a brochure is to identify the purpose of the brochure and the target audience. Once the goals have been established, the style of brochure is selected (size, shape, paper) and the content outline is developed. Typically the client provides the text that best describes their business and services, however our team can also work with the client to develop the content if desired. After the text is provided, we design the look of the brochure and incorporate images and graphics to correspond with the client’s brand identity. The client will be provided a proof of the brochure design (usually a file via email) and have the opportunity to provide feedback and request revisions. Once the revision process has been completed, the client will sign off on the final proof, and then we will prepare the brochure for printing.

Timeline: Since graphic design is a subjective process, the design and production time of a brochure will vary depending on the size, content, and number of revisions. A standard two page brochure typically involves 5 to 10 hours of design time, on average.

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